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PCIA Issues Statement on News of the Death of Connie Durcsak

Jonathan Adelstein, President and CEO of PCIA – The Wireless Infrastructure Association, issued the following statement today concerning the news of the death of Connie Durcsak, President and CEO of the Utilities Telecom Council and former executive with PCIA:

"We note with great sadness the death of Connie Durcsak, who served as an executive with PCIA – The Wireless Infrastructure Association for more than a decade before being named President and CEO of the Utilities Telecom Council. Connie was a dear friend, a dedicated professional and a true leader in the wireless industry.

"Connie was instrumental to the growth and evolution of PCIA. Her many contributions, including her leadership of our HetNet Forum, cannot be overstated and will never be forgotten. Our hearts go out to Connie's family and friends, our colleagues at UTC, and to all who were touched by her extraordinary gifts."


PCIA Statement on Draft of the MOBILE NOW Act

PCIA – The Wireless Infrastructure Association issued the following statement from President and CEO Jonathan Adelstein regarding the Senate Commerce Committee's Staff Discussion Draft of the MOBILE NOW Act:

"This draft legislation is an important step toward removing unreasonable barriers to wireless broadband investment and deployment, and requiring the federal government to auction more spectrum for commercial use. Our industry's capacity to create jobs depends in no small measure on our ability to efficiently deploy infrastructure and on making more spectrum available in a timely manner.

 "PCIA commends Chairman Thune and the committee for its hard work and focus on wireless broadband. We look forward to continuing to work constructively together to create the strongest possible environment for broadband infrastructure investment."



HetNet Expo 2015 Explores Wireless Network Evolution to Meet Soaring Consumer Demand

Full Schedule and Keynotes Released: Features Industry Pioneer Marc Ganzi, Verizon, Nokia, Boingo, Chetan Sharma

Alexandria, Virginia, October 19, 2015 – Today, PCIA – The Wireless Infrastructure Association announced the lineup for its HetNet Expo, which takes place October 27-28 at the Millennium Biltmore Hotel in Los Angeles. The premier event on mobile network evolution, HetNet Expo offers two days of programming, including educational sessions on topics ranging from The Internet of Things to Mobile Healthcare to Smart Cities and the Connected Consumer. For a full schedule of events and listing of sponsors and exhibitors, visit: HetNet Expo Schedule.

HetNet Expo 2015 keynote speakers include:

• Marc C. Ganzi, Co-Founder and CEO of Digital Bridge Holdings
• Derek Peterson, Chief Technology Officer, Boingo Wireless
• Eric Reed, Vice President, Entertainment and Tech Policy for Verizon Communications
• Don Hewitt, Vice President of Services, North America, Nokia Networks
• Chetan Sharma, Founder and CEO Chetan Sharma Consulting

The event will draw a diverse audience of property owners and managers discussing ways to achieve consistent mobile coverage throughout their venues. It will also attract the wireless service providers operating the networks, as well as the companies installing heterogeneous networks. Finally, it will bring together experts from across industries to discuss how mobility impacts every sector it touches, ranging from healthcare to retail.

"Today's wireless infrastructure is increasingly innovative and highly sophisticated. Yet, consumers often do not realize the enormous investment, research and development required to advance wireless services. While macro sites provide an abundance of support for the majority of consumer needs, small cells are increasingly being deployed in certain cases – primarily in highly populated urban areas – to address capacity demands.

"This year's HetNet Expo will bring together leaders throughout the wireless ecosystem. PCIA and our HetNet Forum play a vital role in helping to facilitate collaboration and understanding between seemingly disparate parties, so that industry can continue to deploy these much needed solutions," Adelstein said.

This is the second annual PCIA HetNet Expo.
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PCIA - The Wireless Infrastructure Association is the principal organization representing the companies that build, design, own and manage telecommunications facilities throughout the world. Its over 230 members include carriers, infrastructure providers, and professional services firms.


Wireless Infrastructure Association Head Urges Senate Committee to Alleviate Barriers to Wireless Broadband Deployment

Adelstein: Internet of Things, App Economy, Innovation Depend on Wireless Infrastructure

Washington, D.C., October 7, 2015 – The head of PCIA – The Wireless Infrastructure Association today urged the Senate to help alleviate the barriers hindering wireless broadband deployment so that the U.S. can continue meeting the "nearly insatiable and increasing demand" for mobile data and strengthen its capacity to compete in the global marketplace.

"Wireless infrastructure enables the economic growth and technological innovation that is delivered by mobile broadband, including the Internet of Things, the app economy, and many future efficiencies and commercial opportunities," said Jonathan Adelstein, the President and CEO of PCIA, in testimony before a hearing of the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation.

"Wireless infrastructure has the power to transform a city in economic decline into an innovation hub. It can breathe new life into aging commercial zones, and provide rural areas the ability to compete in the innovation economy," Adelstein said.

Adelstein was one of five officials to testify at the hearing called by Committee Chairman John Thune (R-SD) to explore ways of accelerating broadband development.

Thune's hearing was part of a series aimed at producing bipartisan broadband legislation. Adelstein, a former Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Commissioner, addressed PCIA's key public policy priorities, among them the urgent need to streamline wireless facility siting procedures, help communities adapt to new siting regulations, and utilize federal property to deploy wireless facilities. He also noted that more work is needed to provide connectivity to native nations so that these communities can take advantage of the benefits that broadband provides.

Adelstein applauded the Committee's leadership for its efforts to eliminate barriers to infrastructure deployment, most significantly its work on Section 6409(a) of the Middle Class Tax Relief and Job Creation Act of 2012, which has made an "enormous difference" in speeding the deployment of wireless infrastructure.

"The FCC's outstanding and aggressive implementation of this law grounded Congress' work with a clear regulatory framework," added Adelstein.

"To maximize the promise of wireless broadband for economic growth, job creation and technological innovation, infrastructure builders need the capital to invest—and we need regulators and Congress to help, as this Committee has long realized," Adelstein concluded.

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PCIA - The Wireless Infrastructure Association represents the companies that build, design, own and manage telecommunications facilities throughout the world. Its more than 230 members include infrastructure providers, wireless carriers, equipment manufacturers, and professional services firms


PCIA Applauds Historic Preservation Council Move to Expedite Broadband Deployment

PCIA – The Wireless Infrastructure Association today applauded the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation for extending and amending the Section 106 Program comment review (see attached documents) re:  the National Historic Preservation Act.  Please attribute this comment to PCIA – The Wireless Infrastructure Association:


“Today’s announcement will play an important role in expediting deployment of broadband. By renewing the Program Comment, stakeholders will continue to realize important benefits that propel broadband infrastructure deployment. ACHP’s extension of Program Comment will allow for the realization of even more efficiencies for siting wireless facilities by extending the streamlining benefits to new stakeholders who currently have to conduct a separate, duplicative Section 106 review.”

A link to:  PCIA Comments Re: Amendments to 2009 Program Comment on Streamling Section can be found here:  PCIA Comments Re Amendments to 2009 Program Comment on Streamling Section

A link to:  Historic Preservation Notice of Amendment and Extension of 2009 Program can be found here:  Historic Preservation Notice of Amendment and Extension of 2009 Program



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