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PCIA’s Jonathan Adelstein to Appear on C-Span's "The Communicators" March 15

JACommunicatorsCroppedMarch 13,2104 / Alexandria, VA - Jonathan Adelstein, President and CEO of PCIA – The Wireless Infrastructure Association and former commissioner of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) will appear beginning this weekend on “The Communicators,” C -SPAN's weekly series featuring a half-hour interview with the people who shape the world’s digital future. Adelstein’s interview will air on Saturday, March 15, at 6:30 p.m., and again on C-SPAN2 on Monday, March 17, at 8:00 a.m. and again on March 17 at 8:00 p.m.

As the head of PCIA Adelstein is a leading proponent of creating a national broadband infrastructure that brings wireless connectivity to every American, regardless of geographic or economic circumstance. He will be unveiling PCIA’s vision for the future of wireless broadband deployment and investment on “The Communicators” and in other forums and venues in the months to come.

Among the issues Adelstein addresses on the program are:

• The ongoing FCC proceeding regarding the removal of barriers to wireless infrastructure deployment, as well as promoting the continued availability of wireless broadband that is essential to U.S. economic development and jobs creation;
• The Communications Act rewrite and PCIA’s priorities therein;
• Spectrum auctions, including the planned incentive auction;
• The role of wireless infrastructure in the building of the First Responder Network Authority (FirstNet) and for Positive Train Control (PTC);
• Streamlining the deployment of Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) and small cells to meet skyrocketing demands for mobile broadband; and
• FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler's priorities for the agency

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Adelstein Statement on T-Mobile's Sugrue, Ham Announcement

March 7, 2014/ Alexandria, VA – Jonathan Adelstein, President & CEO of PCIA – The Wireless Infrastructure Association, issued the following statement regarding the announcement that T-Mobile’s Tom Sugrue, senior vice president-regulatory affairs will retire and that Kathleen Ham, vice president-federal regulatory affairs, has been named acting head of its U.S. government affairs department:

“I congratulate Tom on his retirement following a tremendously successful career in wireless telecom. The breadth of experience he brought to T-Mobile, based on his years as head of the Federal Communications Commission’s Wireless Telecommunications Bureau where we worked together, as Deputy Assistant Secretary of Commerce at the National Telecommunications and Information Administration , and other industry leadership positions, have served T-Mobile well in the last eleven years. His commitment to T-Mobile’s growth and success –and his tenacity in helping the company prosper in the face of immense competition—are to be admired. I wish him well as he moves on.

“Kathleen is an outstanding choice to act as head of T-Mobile’s government affairs office, particularly at a time when Congress is considering updating the nation’s communications laws to better reflect today’s technology and market conditions. Her experience, industry insight and keen ability to navigate the policy landscape will be a tremendous benefit to T-Mobile and the entire industry. PCIA looks forward to continue working with Kathleen in this role.”


Adelstein Hails FCC Chairman's Remarks on Infrastructure Deployment

February 26, 2014/Alexandria, VA — PCIA President & CEO Jonathan Adelstein released the following statement in response to remarks made by Tom Wheeler, Chairman of the Federal Communications Commission, during a keynote address at the Mobile World Congress event in Barcelona this week:

“Chairman Wheeler hit the nail on the head in Barcelona by emphasizing the need to speed wireless infrastructure deployment to meet the exponential increase in demand for wireless broadband. PCIA has long promoted just the policies the Chairman suggested, to enable wireless networks to be built quickly, efficiently and cost effectively. He has teed these issues up, and his statement indicates he is prepared to take decisive action.

“As Chairman Wheeler put so succinctly, ‘we can’t have high-speed broadband without high-speed deployment.’ PCIA couldn’t agree more, and we look forward to working with him and the entire Commission to ensure U.S. wireless networks can continue to support the all of the growing needs of consumers, businesses, public safety, schools, hospitals and others who rely on wireless broadband.”


PCIA to FCC: Four Key Steps to Improving Wireless Broadband Deployment

February 3, 2014 /Alexandria, VA — Removing barriers to the deployment of newer technologies like Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) and small cells, and refining rules for collocations will facilitate greater coverage and capacity of wireless broadband networks, PCIA – The Wireless Infrastructure Association and the HetNet Forum said in comments in response to the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) broadband acceleration Notice of Proposed Rulemaking.

In the comments, PCIA and the HetNet Forum cited actions by Congress, the FCC and the courts that have helped to streamline the wireless broadband facilities siting process, noting however, that barriers to infrastructure deployment remain. “Mobile broadband drives innovation, creates jobs and improves the quality of our lives—but these benefits cannot be achieved without the deployment of robust wireless infrastructure,” PCIA and the HetNet Forum said in the comments.

The comments also note the increasingly important role of and small cells in network operators’ efforts to target broadband capacity to the locations where customers use it most and to improve in-building coverage.

To improve wireless facility siting policies, which will further accelerate broadband deployment for the benefit of all Americans, the FCC should take the following steps:

  1. Streamline its environmental and historic review processes for DAS and small cell deployments;
  2. Define key terms in Section 6409(a) of the Spectrum Act, including “Wireless,” “Transmission Equipment,” “Wireless Tower or Base Station,” “Existing,” “Collocation,” “Removal,” “Replacement,” and “Substantially Change the Physical Dimensions.” Additionally, the FCC should make clear that the statute’s “may not deny, and shall approve” mandate requires approval of all eligible facilities requests without exception and without discretionary review; and set baseline limits on applications processes, time for review, and unreasonable fees to ensure this mandate is carrier out;
  3. Take further steps to implement Section 332(c)(7) of the Communications Act, by providing further clarity regarding the Shot Clock and adopting a deemed granted remedy in cases where states or localities fail to abide by the Shot Clock; and
  4. Adopt a permanent environmental notification exemption for temporary towers.

Acting now to remove these barriers to deployment means consumers will continue to realize the benefits of better, more reliable more advanced wireless services, according to the comments. Access the complete filing.


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PCIA's Adelstein Responds to Rep. Waxman's Retirement Announcement

January 30, 2014/Alexandria, VA - Jonathan Adelstein, President & Chief Executive Officer of PCIA – The Wireless Infrastructure Association, issued the following statement today in response to Rep. Henry A. Waxman (D-Calif.) will retire at the end of the congressional session:

"Rep. Waxman has been a tireless advocate for consumers, competition and progress in U.S. telecommunications policy. We congratulate him on an exemplary career in public service, and look forward to continued accomplishments in his remaining time in Congress and beyond."




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