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PCIA Looks Forward to FCC’s August Open Meeting

July 18, 2014 / Alexandria, VA - PCIA – The Wireless Infrastructure Association applauds the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) for embracing our recommendations on improving air navigation safety. Since 2006, PCIA has demonstrated how technological advances in the wireless infrastructure industry are strengthening air navigation safety and encouraged the FCC to revise outdated regulations in Part 17. The FCC's forthcoming Order will encourage the adoption of advanced technologies by streamlining regulatory requirements and removing unnecessary rules. We eagerly anticipate the FCC’s commonsense updates that will bring Part 17 into the 21st century.

PCIA Urges U.S. Supreme Court to Reverse Eleventh Circuit and Remove Barriers to Wireless Infrastructure Investment

July 10, 2014 / Alexandria, VA - PCIA – The Wireless Infrastructure Association today urged the U.S. Supreme Court to facilitate broadband deployment to consumers and strengthen economic growth by clarifying federal lawthat seeks to remove unreasonable barriers to the siting of wireless facilities. 

In an amicus curiae brief submitted in support of T-Mobile in the case of T-Mobile South LLC v. City of Roswell, Georgia, PCIA petitioned the Court to reverse the Eleventh Circuit’s ruling and uphold the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) key mission under the Telecommunications Act of 1996:  “encourag[ing] the deployment on a reasonable and timely basis of advanced telecommunications capability to all Americans” by removing arbitrary obstacles to infrastructure investment.

PCIA called on the Court to adopt the approach used in a majority of Federal Circuit Courts in enforcing the Act’s provision requiring localities to issue a written explanation based on substantial evidence if they choose todeny a wireless siting application. Too often in those Circuits that do not follow the majority approach, PCIA noted, communications providers such as T-Mobile are not adequately informed as to why a locality turned down their siting application, thus frustrating expedited judicial review as required by the Telecommunications Act and undermining the national goal of delivering wireless broadband services to all Americans.

"PCIA and its members have an abiding interest in this case,” PCIA stated in its brief.  “The Eleventh Circuit’s incorrect interpretation of the statute. . . allows localities to issue siting denials without an accompanying explanation, thus preventing applicants from receiving a final decision on their wireless siting applications in the ‘expedited’ manner the statute commands. Without the ability to deploy infrastructure quickly and where needed, America’s wireless companies and infrastructure providers cannot effectively meet the nation’s broadband deployment goals and satisfy exploding consumer demand."  

The Court is expected to issue a ruling in the Roswell case in early 2015.

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Adelstein Praises Rubio Plan to Speed Deployment of Wireless Infrastructure

June 11, 2014 / Alexandria, Virginia – Jonathan Adelstein, the President & CEO of PCIA - America’s wireless infrastructure association, today praised Senator Marco Rubio’s plan to introduce legislation aimed at promoting the deployment of wireless infrastructure.

“With today’s announcement, Senator Rubio is demonstrating urgently needed leadership in fostering innovation and helping to meet consumers’ burgeoning demand for wireless data. Senator Rubio prominently places his name atop a growing list of policymakers that support clearing hurdles to deployment of wireless broadband. The Senator’s approach recognizes the essential role of wireless infrastructure in expanding broadband capacity. Government should not be a barrier because Americans cannot afford a delay in wireless broadband deployment due to outdated and burdensome rules,” said Adelstein, a former FCC commissioner.

“Senator Rubio’s legislation will speed broadband connectivity to all parts of America by creating the policies necessary to ensure federal land can be appropriately utilized for broadband infrastructure deployment. As a former local official, he understands the partnership that is required to get antennas where they need to go, from small cells to larger facilities. His proposed legislation would eliminate unnecessary hurdles that slow the delivery of broadband services to the public. This legislation will pave the way for broadband investments that will create jobs, economic growth and enhance public safety,” added Adelstein.



PCIA Head Lauds House Effort to Expedite FCC’s Ruling to Streamline Deployment of Wireless Infrastructure

May 29, 2014 / Alexandria, Virginia - The head of America’s wireless infrastructure association today lauded an effort launched by technology policy leaders in the U.S. House of Representatives to support and expedite a Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) rulemaking aimed at streamlining infrastructure deployment for mobile broadband. House Energy and Commerce Committee Chairman Fred Upton (R-MI) and Communications and Technology Subcommittee Chairman Greg Walden (R-OR) today sent a letter to FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler urging his agency to “expeditiously and decisively” clarify the streamlining provisions contained in Section 6409(a) of the Middle Class Tax Relief and Job Creation Act of 2012. 

“Wireless infrastructure companies are working closely with the FCC to adopt clear rules to speed broadband deployment through the proper implementation of section 6409(a),” said Jonathan Adelstein, the President and CEO of PCIA – The Wireless Infrastructure Association. “Our industry is grateful that the House leadership recognizes the urgency of streamlining infrastructure deployment and is working with the FCC to make it happen.

“Removing red tape and clarifying the rules of the road are crucial for expanding wireless broadband – and to the many thousands of high-wage jobs such deployment spurs throughout the country. It will take a lot of infrastructure to address the wireless data crunch and meet the rising consumer demand for wireless data,” added Adelstein, a former FCC commissioner.

Congress passed Section 6409(a) in 2012 to better utilize existing infrastructure to expand mobile broadband coverage and capacity.
“[T]he Commission should adopt rules that provide consistency for applicants and reviewing authorities alike,” the House letter urged Wheeler. “The FCC should delineate an objective standard for when a modification ‘substantially change[s] the physical dimensions’ of a wireless facility. We agree with the Commission’s proposed approach of leveraging its existing rules, particularly the Collocation Programmatic Agreement, to craft this objective standard.

“Further, 6409(a)’s ‘may not deny, and shall approve’ mandate should establish a non discretionary review process and a ‘deemed granted’ remedy for eligible facilities requests, including those to structures deemed legal but non-conforming uses, so that these minor modifications and collocations can be submitted, processed and put into use as quickly as possible,” the letter stated.

In addition to Section 6409(a), the Commission’s other efforts to identify ways to foster broadband infrastructure deployment “warrant swift action,” the Members of Congress told Wheeler. “Facilitating both the deployment of small cells for targeted capacity and the use of temporary towers for short, sharp spikes in usage are part and parcel to meeting national broadband goals. Both are important tools for providing the robust service upon which consumers, businesses, and public safety rely.”

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PCIA - The Wireless Infrastructure Association is the principal trade association representing the companies that make up the wireless telecommunications infrastructure industry. Its members include the carriers, infrastructure providers, and professional services firms that own and manage more than 130,000 telecommunications facilities throughout the world.


Enhanced Productivity, Connectivity, Accessibility Drive Wireless Technology

May 20, 2014 / Orlando, FL - Wireless technology will increase productivity in the growing global economy, enhance mobile connectivity, and broaden access in rural and emerging markets. Solutions for the burgeoning data crunch are being addressed today at the 2014 Wireless Infrastructure Show produced by PCIA - The Wireless Infrastructure Association.

Ericsson, Qualcomm, AT&T and others are expected to explore approaches for creating the advanced infrastructure that will enable future networks in order to serve an estimated 25 billion connected devices by 2020.

Industries are transforming their products and services so that they can access the many benefits that wireless service provides. One such industry is automotive. During the Wireless Infrastructure Show renowned automobile expert Alan Taylor will outline how the auto industry is implementing wireless to make the driving experience safer, gain real-time maintenance data, and deliver more options in telematics and infotainment.

“Wireless is transformative,” said Tim House, PCIA executive vice president. “With each advance in wireless technology, new economies emerge, people are safer, more productive and more prosperous. It is our great privilege to serve the companies that build wireless networks and bring them all together under one roof at our event.”

Those benefits are most evident in emerging markets where the demand for wireless infrastructure is growing exponentially every year. With 3.7 million people expected to visit Brazil for the 2014 World Cup Boingo Wireless created a distributed antenna system network at Sao Paulo International Airport, the largest in South America. During the Wireless Infrastructure Show panel discussion about preparing for the world’s biggest sporting events, Zach Sterngold, Boingo Vice President Latin America, will detail how deploying more than 400 access points, creating an ad-supported free Wi-Fi service for travelers, and Next Generation Hotspots will provide seamless and secure Wi-Fi access.

Other topics to be explored include: indoor wireless network design; machine-to-machine; 5G – the next generation of wireless; meeting rural demands; and the wireless policy climate in 2014.

For information and updates about The Wireless Infrastructure Show, follow PCIA on Twitter and Facebook and download the 2014WiShow app on iTunes or Android.

About The Wireless Infrastructure Show
The Wireless Infrastructure Show attracts 100+ exhibitors, and nearly 2,000 thought leaders and industry innovators from across the wireless infrastructure ecosystem. With more than 35 lectures, panels, round-tables, and special events on a comprehensive selection of industry topics taught by leading industry experts along with the dynamic exhibit hall WIS showcases all of the most relevant infrastructure development tools, platforms and services helping to drive the industry forward.

About PCIA
PCIA - The Wireless Infrastructure Association is the principal trade association representing the companies that make up the wireless telecommunications infrastructure industry. Its members include the carriers, infrastructure providers and professional services firms that own and manage more than 130,000 telecommunications facilities throughout the world.

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