Member Benefits


  • Record of achievement in advancing policies that speed wireless broadband deployment and reduce costs, directly benefiting members’ product delivery and bottom lines 
  • Association-wide focus on educating lawmakers on the role of wireless network and infrastructure operators, and the ecosystem of stakeholders they support 
  • Dedicated Government Relations staff representing your interests with the FCC, state and local governments
  • Access to regulatory experts leading efforts to shape positive change in all industry segments

Opportunities to Grow Your Business

  • Outlet for press releases and social media
  • Marketing and promotional opportunities
  • Discounts on exhibit space, sponsorships, and attendee fees at the annual Wireless Infrastructure Show
  • HR support and expertise through Unitel HR Solutions
  • Tax savings potential through CostQuest’s tax valuation service
  • Discounts on research and education
  • Alliance with our expanding organization strengthens your voice in the industry


  • Educational events and webinars that serve the interests of industry and our members 
  • Analysis and whitepapers from leading research organizations 
  • Opportunity to guide and support PCIA’s efforts to upgrade technical wireless training and education to provide the industry with a pipeline of trained professionals to meet growing needs for the build-out of 4G and beyond

Industry Initiatives

  • State Wireless Association Program (SWAP)
  • HetNet Forum
  • Frequency Coordination
  • Women's Wireless Leadership Forum (WWLF)
  • Infrastructure Developers Forum (IDF)


  • The Wireless Infrastructure Show - the only event dedicated exclusively to the business interests of the wireless infrastructure industry 
  • Technology, Regulatory, State & Local Government Affairs Committees
  • Rural Wireless Broadband Working Group
  • State Wireless Association Program (SWAP) quarterly events 
  • Opportunity to leverage PCIA’s increasingly diverse membership, and our relationships with leaders from sectors of the economy that rely on wireless broadband, including transportation, education and public safety

Dedicated Member Relations Team 

  • Kerri Norris, Member Relations Manager

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