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Modification to Wideband 25 kHz Emissions

PCIA Offers Discounted Fee For Wideband 25 kHz Emission Designator Modifications

For licensees currently using, and those who will soon start using narrowband equipment that meets the Federal Communication Commission's 2013 narrowbanding requirements; license modifications to reflect the conversion from wideband to narrowband emission designators currently require coordination by an FCC authorized frequency advisory committee. This requirement will end as soon as the Commission's Second Report and Order for WP Docket No. 07-100, released on March 11, 2010, becomes effective. At that time, affected licensees will have the option of filing the modifications via the Commission's ULS on-line filing function. We anticipate that most affected licensees will elect to continue filing these modifications through PCIA to take advantage of the conveniences provided.

PCIA offers a reduced coordination fee for this type of narrowband modification. PCIA's coordination fee is now $50.00 to modify the emission designators to indicate the use of equipment that meets the upcoming FCC narrowband requirements on applications with 60 frequencies or less (with no other changes to technical parameters). This fee will remain in effect until further notice.

Modifications to add narrowband emissions to a license do not require deletion of the wideband emission designator but do require subsequent termination of the use of equipment that operates with a wideband emission.

Two conditions may; in very rare cases affect this fee.

  1. Adding digital TDMA or FDMA emissions to stations located above Line A may trigger an objection by Canadian Authorities and may require an additional modification fee to amend the application to satisfy Canadian concerns.
  2. 2) There is an additional engineering analysis fee of $75 per affected frequency pair if PCIA has to provide new contour studies to demonstrate that the system will provide the required levels of protection to centralized trunked systems.

We ask that you submit requests to modify wideband 25 kHz emissions to narrowband emissions (with no other changes to technical parameters) by using an FCC Form 601 Main Form to provide the applicant's name, FRN, call sign and signature information. Please use Item 37 on page 3 of Schedule H to note the proposed emission designator(s) that will be added to or that will replace the existing emission designator(s).

Applications to modify technical parameters other than the emission designators will also be able to modify the emission designator but will only be charged for modifications to the other technical parameters as long as the application has 60 frequencies or less. The FCC's modification fee is currently $60.00 (no FCC fee is charged to public safety applicants).

If you have a large number of applications with emission designators to modify; you may want to try our License Link software. It is a very cost effective way to prepare and keep track of the applications. For more information on License Link use the following link. http://www.pcia.com/frequency-coordination/license-link.

Additional information concerning PCIA and our coordination process are available on our website at www.pcia.com.

The Commission's Second Report and Order & Second Further Notice of Proposed Rule Making for WP Docket No. 07-100 can be viewed using the link on PCIA's Frequency Coordination web page.