Federal Filings

PCIA & The DAS Forum ex parte - pole attachment update

3/26/12 - PCIA and The  DAS Forum issue a letter updating the FCC on is application of pole attachment rules, noting distributed antenna system (DAS) providers have observed increased efficiencies in the pole attachment process including lower, more equitable  rates,  increased use  of  pole  tops  and improved  predictability  in  the  design  and implementation of DAS.

PCIA Amicus Curiae Letter re AMT v. San Diego et. al.

3/26/12 - PCIA Amicus Curiae Letter to U.S Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit re American Tower Corporation v. The City of San Diego, et. al.

PCIA and The DAS Forum ex parte - signal boosters

2/2/12 - PCIA and The DAS Forum met with several FCC representatives to urge the commission to take steps to ensure that DAS providers may continue to utilize signal boosters through effective coordination with licensees, noting that enterprise boosters like those installed in a DAS differ from "off the shelf" boosters available to consumers.

PCIA & The DAS Forum ex parte - federal lands

2/4/12 - PCIA and The DAS Forum issue letter expanding on their broadband acceleration comments, highlighting need for improved access to federal lands and buildings.

PCIA & The DAS Forum ex parte - DAS and small cells

2/2/12 - PCIA and several member companies met with Wireline Competition Bureau and Wireless Telecommunications Bureau staff to discuss issues related to treatment of DAS and small cell solutions providers, as well as education and outreach issues related to radio frequency concerns.

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